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Unit 1, 9663-199A Street
Langley BC V1M 2X7
Toll Free: 1 866 689 3726
Phone: 604 881 3000
Fax:  604 881 3010
Email:  info@wescovan.com


7832 Enterprise Street
Burnaby BC V5A 1V5

Toll Free: 1 866 319 3726
Phone: 604 292 1220
Fax: 604 292 1222
Email:  burnaby@wescovan.com

Services Rigging Specialists

Splicing & Manufacturing

Wesco Industries Ltd experienced rigging facilities can manufacture wire rope assemblies, chain slings, synthetic slings and rope assemblies to order. 

Our rigging facilities services include:

Wire Rope: Flemish Eye & Aluminum Splicing, Hand Splicing, Zinc Socketing, Swage Sockets, Pressed Ferrules, Becket and Tapered ends.

Chain: Manufacture Chain Slings 1,2,3 or 4 legs.

Synthetic Slings: Manufacture to any length with sewn eyes or steelhardware.

Cordage: Splicing of 3 strand, 8 strand, 12 strand and all types of braided ropes.

Testing & Inspection

With our experienced staff and backed up by our facilities Wesco Industries can perform all your testing and inspection requirements.

Testing: Wesco can perform proof load and destruction testing on all types of lifting equipment in our factory test bed. We issue certificates after each successful testing.

Inspection and Repair: Our experienced riggers will thoroughly inspect and repair all types of lifting equipment including Chain Slings, Wire Rope Slings, Plate Clamps and Manual Hoists. Proof load testing will occur after any repairs.

Onsite Services

Our Rigging team can come to your office or site and perform onsite inspections, rigging, remove, repair, safety lectures and sling consultation and design.

Inspections and Rigging: We carry out full onsite inspections and maintain a register of all your onsite lifting equipment. We will remove and either repair or discard any items which has failed. Some repairs, splicing or installation can be performed onsite.

Safety Lectures: Our team will help train with product, applications or safety seminars.

Consultation:  We can come onsite and assist with recommendations on any lifting applications you may have.

Questions? Contact us and we would be glad to assist you.